The Obligatory “OMG I Literally Can’t Even Post” Post


I need a plan. A plan to get over my procrastination. What rhymes with procrastination? Motivation!

So if the opposition to procrastination is motivation, then how do I get more motivated? Journaling and planning! Because writing something down sticks it in your mind. If you’re constantly having to write that you failed at something, eventually you’ll have motivation to change feeling like crud about yourself. Therefore, still to this day, my way to avoid feeling like crud about myself and to block out having to make the effort to be more motivated/productive has been… to procrastinate journaling!

And that’s the way I’ve done things in the past. It’s a vicious cycle. Oh, having a daily routine will make you a better-equipped person to take care of yourself and your daily business? Then just constantly fight and resist forcing yourself to adhere to the routine (i.e. face wash? who needs that just splash some water and call it good), and you will effectively create an excuse for why you can’t be a more regulated person by saying you like to live in the moment (i.e. laundry? it’s totally acceptable to avoid the pile in exchange for spending time on more enjoyable activities and relish the challenge of seeing how many new outfits you can create from the clean clothes you have left). Well you know who doesn’t like “live-in-the-moment Danielle”? “Next-day-regret-how-you-don’t-have-something-already-done-and-checked-off-your-to-do-list Danielle”, that’s who!

A Plan for Motivation

So, I thought, why not start a blog where you have to do something routine-ish like shop for ingredients to make, cook, eat, then write about queso, and announce it to the world! So that the visibility of it all will pressure me away from slipping back into my habit of procrastination! Ha ha Danielle, wrong again! You think a habit of starting-projects-and-never-finishing-them as cultivated as yours is can be tamed by a mere Julie & Julia project? HA! You see, all we have to do is avoid posting like the plague, even when it’s about such a fun thing as queso and it makes no sense that you wouldn’t want to keep up with something like this, it still feels more comfortable to shirk the routine of regular weekly posts in favor of some good old-fashioned “I’ll just do it tomorrow”!

In conclusion, I’ve realized that before I can reliably and consistently fix queso, I must first fix my own good and productive intentions to turn them into intentional planned-out actions. Therefore, expect to see some other self-improvement and “Danielle Attempts to Adult Better” posts alongside Danielle con Queso posts. Hope you can relate to my struggles with “even”-ing, laugh with them, feel like it’s okay to not have it all quite together as long as you’re truly trying to improve together, and encourage each other to be better together!

2 thoughts on “The Obligatory “OMG I Literally Can’t Even Post” Post

  1. Michelle says:

    You got this, Danielle! I agree that figuring out how to make it a habit or routine will help, but you have to find the right “trigger”…. I made meditation a morning habit like brushing my teeth by the trigger of not being able to touch my work computer unless I sat for 5 mins. I started at 5, and now I’m at 15-20, and I treasure those 15-20 minutes as much as (or more than) brushing my teeth!!!

    Maybe your trigger can be that you can’t eat ANY queso (that you make or in any restaurant!) unless you write up the blog for it within the very next day. Even if the blog post is skimpy to start, and that you go back and enhance it, you have to write something. You could even create a draft with a couple of photos right when you eat it, and then have that ready for when you sit down to write it up!

    • Danielle Garcia says:

      Yes I really do need to find a trigger that works, because I am NOTORIOUS for “snoozing” or ignoring or acknowledging then blatantly deciding not to act on whatever triggers I’ve tried!

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