Howdy!  My name is Danielle.  I’m 26, married to my high school sweetheart, and living in California with our dog, plus 4 roommates.  I’m an executive assistant at a start-up company, and an aspiring stay-at-home mom, eventually.

“About” pages are probably supposed to give the reader an idea of why the author is writing their blog and therefore why you should read it… which I would totally love to be able to do, if only I knew the well-constructed, cohesive theme or reason why I wanted to write a blog. To give my best shot at a description to tell you ‘my intentions with’ this blog, please see the below bullet points (which is what I do with information/details when I’m attempting to look organized, all the while feeling anything but) –

  • My hobbies include: reading, walks on the beach with friends and with my dog, playing board games with my hubby, eating ALL THE QUESO, drinking copious amounts of alcohol because I’M AN ADULT, watching way too much trash reality TV and too many Tasty videos on Facebook, avoiding cleaning/organizing my house, and procrastinating the pursuit of cultivating real hobbies by spending time reading about everyone else’s hobbies online.
  • Recently I’ve been feeling unmotivated, having a lot of “I could do that, but why bother, what’s the point” thoughts, and I had the idea that to document my struggles with everyday life might be at least a starting point on a journey to live more intentionally, mind-fully, find a higher purpose, and maybe connect with or (high-reaching goal here) inspire others to continue trying to live a better life everyday.
  • Basically, this will be a blog mainly chronicling my adventures in cooking my way thru Lisa Fain’s Queso! cookbook, with some lifestyle posts (sprinkled in whenever I feel like it) following me trying to keep a better record of my life both here and in my bullet journal, trying out new hobbies, trying to create my own new recipes, trying to get a better handle on how to keep up a household, and trying to spread love by showing the powers of empathy to others. I know the saying “Do, there is no try,” but I don’t like it, because adulting is hard and sometimes, even though you may fail, the best you can do is just simply try to be even a smidge better than you were the day before.