Must Make My “Must List”

Minimally Minimalist Lately, I've been intrigued by the concept and lifestyle of minimalism.  I started listening to a minimalist podcast, and found a 30-day minimalism challenge on their blog. While some of the tasks they list to truly become a minimalist are a little unrealistic for me to commit to right now, I do think [...]

Poem // what the day can hold

Poet and I didn't... even.. know it? In thinking about what I can start personally practicing as a hobby, I thought back to when I was young and what I naturally gravitated toward, and remembered that in elementary school I always loved creative writing time. AR Reading time and composition book writing time was my [...]

The Obligatory “OMG I Literally Can’t Even Post” Post

Procrastination I need a plan. A plan to get over my procrastination. What rhymes with procrastination? Motivation! So if the opposition to procrastination is motivation, then how do I get more motivated? Journaling and planning! Because writing something down sticks it in your mind. If you're constantly having to write that you failed at something, [...]